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5 hours ago

Did you have your summer holiday yet? 🌞July is commonly a "holiday month" in Finland, yet at MiTale we also have summer holidays during June and August depending of wishes and preferences of our team members. Holidays are very important, not just as break from work but as quality time with your loved ones <3 ... See MoreSee Less

Did you have your summer holiday yet? 🌞

July is commonly a holiday month in Finland, yet at MiTale we also have summer holidays during June and August depending of wishes and preferences of our team members. 

Holidays are very important, not just as break from work but as quality time with your loved ones

2 days ago

#QuickTips for this week are from ✨game art✨ department**GAME OBJECTS**1. Game objects have a very concrete purpose(s) based on the game design specifications, however communicating their use, “power” and story behind is part of the visual representation of that object. Artists remember that you have full power in creating visually clear and stimulating designs that communicate clearly the traits and uses of each object in the game, and do not be afraid to use this power 😉2. Exaggeration – most of the game objects resemble the objects from the “real world” yet have completely different uses and traits in the game based on the game and interaction design principles. This is where the exaggeration in animation, visual effects, sizes and way of interaction are providing adequate visual cues for the player to understand immediately what needs to be done in the game.3. Shape language and color theory are essential in creating game objects, as the qualities of the objects that are associated with it need to be clearly communicated to the player. Therefore, combining visual traits of the object through the shape, color, way of movement/interaction are key aspects in designing game objects and communicating their qualities.Have a creative week everyone!#mondaymotivation ☕ ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

We wish to introduce Benny!This adorable friend is eager to meet you as the newest addition to your Sanalanka Friends!Download now 👇 ... See MoreSee Less

We wish to introduce Benny!
This adorable friend is eager to meet you as the newest addition to your Sanalanka Friends!

Download now 👇
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Viking Glory

Visualization &
VR Experience

Viking Line is a pioneer in the development of sustainable passenger ships of the future. Their mission is to offer the most memorable cruising experiences on the most sustainable, energy-efficient, and climate-smart vessels in the Baltic sea.

While the physical ship was being constructed on the other side of the globe, in Finland and Sweden Viking Line commissioned the creation of a virtual version of the ship together with MiTale, as our team of experts in architectural visualization and immersive VR experiences matched the needs of the project.

In addition to being used to create 2D visualizations of the ship to be used in marketing, the creation of a virtual version of Viking Glory and the use of virtual reality and gamification enabled the management and staff of Viking Line to explore the ship freely, interact with the environment and watch the magnificent, simulated archipelago glide by outside the ship on its route between Turku and Stockholm.


We make story-driven experiences in mixed reality

MiTale is a game development company from Turku passionate about interactive storytelling and latest gaming technologies! Our team of twelve highly experienced developers is on a mission to break the boundaries of immersive gaming experience regardless of the platform

The team

Natasha Skult
Founder; Creative Wheel of the Company, CEO

Mikko Lainio
Founder; Chairman of the Board

Joni Salmela
Founder, Vice-Chair of the Board, CTO

Oskari Tamminen
COO, 3D Specialist

Aapo Peltola
Lead Developer

Mikael Perilä
Game Artist

Niko Ekilä

Faiz Jehan Sulaiman

Ella Hakkarainen
2D Graphics

Milica Bulatovic
eLearning Expert

Petter Skult
Game and Narrative Designer

Jenny Wiik
Narrative Designer

Clients & Partners


Gaming technology

Gaming technology as a service. Global impact in creating tools and gamified solutions for professionals in learning, healthcare and engineering industries.


eLearning enables people to learn depending on their availability and comfort, from any place, at any time of the day and on any portable smart device. More and more business organizations and formal educational centers are implementing e-Learning as either primary learning tool, or in blended and micro learning.


We at MiTale believe that future of gaming is in its integration with tasks and needs of everyday life activities that can be personalized and serve each user individually. We are offering wide range of consulting services depending on the participial needs according to your business strategy.

Software Development

Web development Mobile solutions Cloud solutions

UI/UX Design

We design clear and intuitive interfaces with focus on user-centered approach.


High quality 2D and 3D concept art and visualizations with interactive features, ideal for industrial and construction industries. Easy integration in VR and AR applications.

For Investors & Publishers

We are independent developers and do not seek investors or publishers unless we meet those who share the vision and passion for positive impact to society and environment. Our success is based on a multidisciplinary approach in implementing the latest available technologies in everyday setting by “thinking outside of the box” attitude. If this sounds interesting, in line with investment strategies and wish to join us in creating a better world through intuitive and immersive learning experiences, please contact


Sanalanka Friends

Sanalanka Friends is a virtual pet game for the whole family! Take care of adorable squirrel Peppe and improve your language learning skills through engaging minigames!

Learn more Get it on Google Play

My 1st Calendar

Custom designed tool for families with children, especially those who attend speech therapy or need assistance in language learning.

Get it on App Store Get it on Google Play


Story-driven rpg, set several generations after the collapse of civilization. The survivors of the apocalypse live in tribal societies and tell stories of the day the cities came alive and devoured all who lived in them.

Learn more


Multidisciplinary research and art project bringing physicists, game makers and artists together to explore quantum technologies through games and playful art.

Learn more

Totally indie

As completely independent and financially sufficient studio, with no investors nor loans so far, we are able to do both: market-driven products and experimental (artistic) gaming experiences. Our sustainability is based on b2b services in gamified solutions for professionals in education, healthcare and industrial engineering. Utilizing narrative-driven experiences and interactive storytelling with the latest gaming technologies is what many companies outside of the gaming field have utilized in their business growth with our design and solutions.

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