QuillScape Podcast

QuillScape Podcast

#0 • 0h 01min 07s • February 16, 2021 7:50 am
We are MiTale and this is QuillScape - a podcast where we discuss about games as a new medium of expression through interactive storytelling and visual narrative as a craft! Here you will find all the tools and skills you need to build an immersive narrative experience in your game. As an indie studio we also wish to discuss the importance of soft skills and building empowering company culture to nurture your creative drive!


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Hi everyone, my name is Natasha Skult and I am one of the founders of MiTale, an indie game development studio from Finland, passionate about games that focus on narrative and interactive storytelling experiences regardless of the platform. Our team of experienced developers believe that stories are what make the most immersive impact on the players and guide the emotional journey throughout the gameplay. This is what QuillScape Podcast is all about – discussing topics of game design and storytelling, best practices in developing narrative-driven games by sharing own experiences and with the guests from the industry. We aim to air bi-weekly episodes, with average length of 10-20min, making sure we keep it short and sweet. Are you ready? Let’s play!