Willow Guard

RPG Dungeon Crawler

“A Game where Mouse Guard meets Witcher”
Willow Guard is a story-driven indie RPG set in a world where the Gods have abandoned the animals they once uplifted. Left to their own devices, and invaded by mysterious, horrific monsters from another dimension, the denizens of Tersa turn to the Willow Guards for protection.
Isometric Action Gameplay
Build an action deck of specialized Willow Guard abilities that you activate as you battle through hordes of invading monsters in retro-inspired hack n’ slash gameplay through lusciously rendered pixel art levels. Slash, dash and spell cast your way to victory over increasingly difficult foes across the campaign, or head into the Dungeon Run mode for some story-free instant fun.
Become a Willowguard
Play as Ghweros, a Willowguard veteran who is investigating a plot to rip open the portals between our world and the world of the monsters. When not in combat, you will speak to a diverse cast of characters, discover clues and new locations, and slowly unravel the story through fully-realized, choice based interactive fiction gameplay.
Build your Character
Through the story you will decide what kind of Willowguard you are: are you empathetic and helpful, do you put the Willowguard Creed before all else, do you trust your animal instincts, or do you tend towards a neurotic attention to detail? Your inclinations determine what abilities you can learn, what clues you will unravel, and ultimately what kind of story you will experience.
Craft, Upgrade, Loot
Kill monsters and complete tasks to gather the necessary materials you need to keep your equipment in tip-top shape and to upgrade your abilities. Carefully consider how you use your resources best, and make sure to prepare for every fight by stocking up on consumables.